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menopause matters

5th July ’22 | 7.30pm | Tickets £4 | Crowne Plaza Harrogate

I have made contact with a local GP who specialises in menopause, is willing to come along and do a talk on HRT for us so we can understand more about this. She also plans to share information on how we can best help ourselves and how to engage in conversations with GP’s about your options.

This event will be held on the 5th July 7.30pm at The Crowne Plaza. The Crowne Plaza are partners with myLifePool and they have donated the space free of charge so that we can accommodate up to 150 people They also have a bar and offer myLifePool discount so members receive 20% discount on food and drinks!




Local Professionals

If you are a local professional or business wanting to offer support please email

MeNoPause is a peer support group for woman, pre, during and post, perimenopause and menopause.

While going through this journey myself, I have talked openly with people around me and realised two things

  1. So many people suffer in silence.
  2. It’s good to talk, share tips and realise that what you are experiencing is ‘normal’

Everyone is different and every ones bodies and hormones react differently to this change. However,  one thing is for sure, sharing the journey from time to time with other people who understand the challenges that hormonal changes can bring, is valuable and sharing  questions, tips, support,  understanding and most care and kindness is important.

I am hoping to set up ad hoc meet up’s where I will get a local professional to come along and share some info or insights with us that maybe helpful. However, the most valuable thing, will probably be the friendships that we find and support that we share with each other when we meet in person, so there will defiantly be some social time too.

Tickets are £4 each and all profits will be donates to Just B

A common question we get asked is, what is myLifePool?​

Well, myLifePool is a community based social enterprise where you can find and connect with other people in the same community as you. You can find other members with similar interests as you as well as being in similar circumstances as you may be. In this case the thing we have a shared interest in is the Menopause!

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